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(Portugal) 6W Recessed LED Down Light in Portugal
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Portugal Airport With 6W Recessed LED Down Light


Place: Portugal

Application: Airport

Products: 6W Recessed LED Down Light

Portugal clients required NEWAY 1755pcs 6W RecessedLED Down Light is used in airport in Portugal. It has wide spaces, and lots ofpeople to and fro. The 6W Recessed LED Down Light installed in the indoor, soit will not be used to produce the feeling of oppression. On the contrary, toproduce a warm effect. Therefore, the home improvement can choose to install amulti-lamp down lights to reduce the space pressure. Usually, the hotel, home,coffee shops, shopping malls, are used more.

6W Recessed LED Down Light is theapplication of new LED lighting in traditional down lights on the basis ofimproved products. Compared with traditional down lights, it has the followingadvantages: good energy efficiency and low carbon, long life, excellent colorrendering, fast response. 6W Recessed LED Down Light design is more beautifuland while light was installed, it can maintain the overall unity of thearchitectural decoration. Never destroy the setting of the lamp, the lightsource hidden inside of the building decoration, the light source is notexposed, non-glare soft, uniform visual effect.

More and more office and even family usedindoor lighting. Applicability of Recessed LED Down Light for indoor lightingare known and welcome to most of people. Recessed LED Down Light have theindoor lighting applicability that some other lamps can even not match.