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(Slovakia) 12W LED PAR30 Spot Light Bulb
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Slovakia Wine Bar With 12W LED PAR30 Spot Light Bulb

Place: Bratislava, Slovakia

Application: Wine Bar

Products: 12W LED PAR30 Spot Light Bulb

NEWAY 12W LED PAR30 Spot Light Bulb is usedin wine bar in Bratislava Slovakia.

2W LED PAR30 Spot Light Bulb Strength and Characteristics:

 It adopts excellent quality, highluminous efficiency LEDs. It is not only brightness, but also high colorrendering index Ra. It is close to natural light and good to maintain the eyesof people.

2 Well-designed power supply, stringentselection of components, and strictly control the quality of consumption toensure that the use of the product life.

 NEWAY 12W LED PAR30 Spot Light Bulb shapeis still beautiful, and the cooling performance is better than the cast aluminumand aluminum device. The Radiator used 6063 quality aluminum, thermalproperties and greatly reduce the light fades, and ensured the LED lifespan.

EWAY 12W LED PAR30 Spot Light Bulb iswidely used in Landscape Accent Lighting,Landscape Accent Spotlighting,Architectural Lighting,Display Case Accent Lighting,Amusement ParkAccent Lighting,Artwork lighting,Mood Lighting,General Lighting,CommercialLighting,House Lighting,Supermarkets Lighting,Hotels Lighting,RestaurantsLighting,Exhibition Hall Lighting,Show Window Lighting,Ideal for thereplacement of Traditional Lighting etc.