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MaxIC gets WI Harper investment to expand LED driver IC family
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MaxIC gets WI Harper investment to expand LED driver IC family

.MaxIC Technology Corporation, innovators of energy efficient integrated circuits (ICs) widely used in LEDs for general lighting, LCD TV backlighting, and consumer electronics, today announced an expansion capital investment led by WI Harper Group. Currently shipping four product lines, MaxIC will use this investment to ramp up production and expand the company’s cutting-edge R&D efforts.

With headquarters in Beijing and operation offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, MaxIC is known as an emerging Chinese leader in the design, development and marketing of advanced analog, mixed-signal, and power management ICs. The Company addresses several high growth segments of the Light Emitting Diodes (LED) industry including general illumination, industrial and automotive lighting, and LCD backlighting.

High Performance, High Efficiency, and Green Power
“MaxIC is a capital efficient fabless IC technology firm led by a team with industry credentials from an enviable group of global IC leaders,” said Peter Liu, Chairman, WI Harper Group. “MaxIC’s strategic presence in China provides global customers with cost-effective operations and enables the firm to address huge domestic and international market opportunities. The Company is ideally situated to become a global leader and key ecosystem partner in the LED value chain.”

“LED’s are replacing legacy technology rapidly because they are highly energy efficient, avoid the use of environmental toxins, and dramatically improve the performance of consumer electronics, lighting and communications,” said Dr. Jeff Cheng, President and CEO, MaxIC Technology Corporation. “We are excited to serve this dynamic industry with high performance, high efficiency driver ICs and proud to earn WI Harper’s support.”