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ENE TECHNOLOGY enters LED Display market
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ENE TECHNOLOGY enters LED Display market

.ENE TECHNOLOGY, the NB Keyboard Controller (KBC) provider, starts to focus on LED Driver IC. Recently, ENE is promoting its latest LED product claimed to be the fastest amongst its middle-end competitors. In order to gain more insights of the company, its strategies and products, LEDinside interviewed Jeff Cheng, the product manager of ENE TECHNOLOGY.

The leading firm of KBC

Founded in 1998, ENE provides express & excellent products to meet customers’ demands. ENE is specialized in PC related IC as its professional R & D team is equipped with proficient background in the field of PC system. Currently, ENE’s KBC accounts for 40% of the world market share. As the PC market will be saturated in 2009, ENE enthusiastically develops new products to excite the future growth.

Upgrade efficiency

Jeff Cheng mentioned that ENE started to develop LED Display IC as early as in 2002, but it didn’t become an emphasis of ENE’s product development until 2007. Currently, LED products doesn’t contribute too much for the total revenue but it certainly will have a rapid growth in 2009......