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SemiTech announce 3 wires RGBW LED PWM driver
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2008-05-09 SemiTech announce 3 wires RGBW LED PWM driver IC「DJ5111」and constant current driver IC「DJ5091」

.Semisilicon Technology Corp. announce two 3 wires full color LED driver IC, One is 3 wires RGBW LED PWM driver IC,Part number is「DJ5111」.The other is 3 wires RGB LED constant current driver IC,Part number is「DJ5091」.

Except resolution of each color and drive LED output form are different between these two parts. They are major used on series LED cluster string to control color changing. Best advantage is reducing the wires usage. Reduce one or two wires from traditional application to single wire. Not only reduce the cost as well as easy to connect. Storage color pattern and transmit data by simple MCU, easy programming and maintenance. Besides the data series transmission also we can cascade the power to operate to obtain power saving. These techniques get lots of patent in many countries also.

DJ5111 is PWM output suitable use on high voltage clusters application, like light string of sign, building outline string, light bar etc..

DJ5091 is constant current level output suitable use on single RGB LED application, like single RGB LED cluster light string, Christmas light string etc..